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Nov 13, 2012 5:30pm EST
one's death. reporting for cnn, san francisco. >>> all right, coming up at 6:00, adopt a pet for free. why one person's jen ross thy will help -- generosity will help top your family and new recommend dations -- recommendations on breast feeding. >>> when you think of the holiday music, you think of christmas carrolls. >> we are going to have a good time. >> catchy, uh? >> the song let youtube less than a week ago and already as more than 4 million hits. it was written by the man behind rebecca black's infamous "friday" song. some are calling it the worst song ever. 12-year-old nicole westbrook doesn't seem to mind. >> honestly, i don't care what the critics think. they can say whatever they want. >> good for you. nicole said this year she's entitled to it. >> the end of the twilight saga creeping up on us. >> it's ending. the final film, breaking dawn part two broke in l.a. george pennachio was there. >> reporter: the whole gang is back one more time for the breaking saga breaking dawn. >> we put everything into the movie, especially the last one. we paid tribute not only to this fil
Nov 2, 2012 5:30pm EDT
today there's this brand-new cnn/orc that shows president obama has a slight lead over mitt romney so it's a dead heat there. >> thank you for that report. >> four square is trying to do its part to get people to vote. it's launched a new app called "i voted." app users must have a primary four square account to use this service. >>> all right. i'm wyatt everhart. we continue to watch the clouds streaming in out of the north and west. mostly cloudy skies. our view from charm city one. how about mt. airy. mostly cloudy most of the day, but some breaks of sun, giving you the idea that sandy is starting to lose her grip in terms of the clouds and come winds it. was breezy and it will continue to be. enjoy the last two late sun sets. we know what happens sunday. we'll end daylight saving time. as a result gain an hour of sleep. the sunset will be close to 5:00 as opposed to 6:04. right now 50 degrees. a few more photos from sandy. maryland national guard rescuing people. imagine being without your power days later and under 30 inches of wet snow. current winds from the west, northwest aro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2